Pool Automation

At Aquatech we can get your pool running automatically with specialised pool automation equipment. Get your pool maintenance running automatically with the best pool automation system the Astral Connect 10 from AstralPool, a product supplied and installed by AquaTech, pool owners can control all pool equipment, valves, heaters and chlorinators from anywhere inside the home or from remote locations thanks to mobile connectivity and wireless pool controllers.


We can also install pool chemical automation systems which help with the automated distribution of pool chemicals to guarantee healthy levels of chemicals in your pool.


For quality pool automation equipment, your Astral Connect 10 will be connected via a standard wired connection, with three optional wireless expansions available for optimal flexibility, including internet gateway, pool controllers, wireless touch screen or FM remote control.

AquaTech will guide you through the purchase and installation process to ensure the best automation solution is found for you.


With AquaTech, automation has never been easier. The Astral Connect 10’s one touch favorite mode provides pool owners with the easiest way to program their pool or spa to ideal conditions. Program your lights, water features and heating to suit any mood you can think of for the most luxurious pool experiences. And with AquaTech, you can afford the installation of your automated pool equipment today!


Enjoy a no interest plan with a deposit paid today on products purchased and installed by AquaTech.



Make the most of your pool or spa, and enjoy a touch of convenient luxury from Aquatech with a quality swimming pool automation system.

Introducing Connect My Pool


The Connect My Pool application permits you to automate as well as manage your whole swimming pool atmosphere from your mobile phone, tablet computer or computer system.


Control as well as totally automate your swimming pool systems, along with, automated cleansers, water attributes, yard illumination, lawn sprinklers, home entertainment systems as well as basically your whole exterior living atmosphere from anywhere.


Additionally, a computerized swimming pool will certainly make life easier as well as less complicated for you, as you will certainly have the ability to have your whole swimming pool system kept an eye on, or even changed, by a pool expert of your option with Virtual Pool Care.

This is an “actual time” 24/7 tracking system that provides you comfort knowing your pool is being taken care of from another location by your regional pool specialist without you needing to lift a finger!


Live information is streamed straight from your connected pool system to your selected pool expert permitting them to check it or even make modifications to guarantee it is tidy, healthy and balanced as well as risk-free for the entire household to swim in.


Email notices are sent out to the pool specialist to inform them if your pool system requires attention.


You gain assurance that your pool is being checked from another location, all the time, by your neighborhood pool expert.



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