Sand Pool Filters

The sand pool filter is one of the major parts of any pool, acting as the lungs of the pool it’s job is to catch debris to limit the amount of particles floating around in the pool which if left in the pool will damage the water causing algae and green build up which can make swimmers sick and make your pool look like an eyesore.


Sand pool filters are like a big round or bottle shape part which has settings on the top it which will allow you to control different action you want to filter to carry out. They include: Filtering, Waste ( which allows you to release some excess water or debris build up), Backwash (short cleaning cycle to improve filtration), Rinse (which is used after backwashing), Circulation (allows water to run directly back into the swimming pool without being filtered) and Closed (which closes all the filtering ports).


Sand filters are an effective way for keeping your pool running clean and to reduce the amount of smaller particle debris in the pool. They help to remove dirt, leaves, grass, hair , body oils, suncreen and even bacteria.


Sand filters are durable and can last a long time.


We recommend the Astral filtration systems


Astral filtration systems provide many benefits to pool owners and some of them being


  • They are made from quality components including non-corrosive materials which increases the life and reduces maintenance
  • They are easy to install
  • Saves on large quantities of water
  • Low maintenance




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