Solar Pool Heating

For quality and dependable solar heating for pools that keep that desired water temperature, look no further than AquaTech. At AquaTech, we believe that pools should be able to be enjoyed all year round and with help from a quality solar heating system from Sunbather, you can enjoy a solar heating pool in the colder winter months without breaking the bank. At Aquatech we are well versed in installing solar pool heating for your pool, contact us today for a quote.

The solar pool heating cost is much lower than the usual pumps as it draws on the power from the sun instead of continually operating like a normal pump.

Australian made and owned for over 40 years, Sunbather is the leader in Australian solar powered products. And with help from quality Sunbather powered solar pool heating, you can double the number of swimming days per year and swimming hours per day for maximum value out of your large pool investment. Have an extended swimming season without having to pay the extra electricity bills of normal pool heating systems.


Gain big energy savings by calling a Melbourne solar pool
heating provider and installer today!

Whats the benefits of solar pool heating?


With almost no carbon footprint, solar pool heating harnesses energy from the planet’s natural resource acting like a natural thermal pool – saving the environment and your pocket! You can enjoy peace of mind with a 15 year warranty on your Sunbather product, while we’ll take care of the installation, maintenance and repairs for a truly hassle-free pool solar heat installation service.

The Sunbather system purchased and installed through us can be yours today – all you need to pay is a deposit, and the goods are yours to take away. Enjoy a heated pool all year round thanks to AquaTech’s Melbourne pool solar heating services.

The solar heating of the water is provided by installing solar pool heating panels to the top of the house or some close by elevated unit. Solar heating piping and equipment can degrade over time but it is easy to carry out pool solar heating repairs yourself or by a swimming pool solar heating specialist, your specialist will also be able to supply you with solar pool heating parts for your make and model solar setup.

Solar is the safest and most environmentally friendly way to keep your pool running warm as it uses one of the most natural energy sources to man, the sun.

Solar blankets can also be applied as an extra to keep the heat contained within the pool and stopping it escaping as well as adding the extra heat which is absorbed through the blanket.


Solar pool heating offers immense benefits for the home buyer by helping to save on costs and helping to live ECO friendly!



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