Pool Safety for the Family

Pool Safety for the Family

The houehold swimming pool has been an Australians choice of family fun for years along with the good old BBQ it has been a sort of sanctuary on hot summer days together with great memories and a source of healthy sport.

Swimming pools are terrific to share with the family and friends a great time to chillout and relax in the sun but there is a few risks we need to be aware as not being a aware of these tips can get your family and friends sick or hurt.

Aquatech Pool & Spa Solutions advises on the following tips to be aware of to make sure your family and friends are safe and can enjoy the swimming pool to the max.

  • Kids need to be watched around the pool, if you need to quickly leave the area make sure you take your children with you.
  • Your swimming pool must have certified fencing and childproof locking gates.
  • Make sure there are no areas where children can climb the fence.
  • A resuscitation chart must be on your swimming pool fence or wall which will show instructions on how to best handle a situation that required mouth to mouth.
  • Get your kids used to the water as well as show them the dangers and teach them how to swim, be it an instructor or yourself.
  • If your pool is covered make sure you let others know especially the kids as they can get tangled in the blanket which can cause suffocation.
  • ALWAYS MONITOR the kids.
  • Make sure your pool is cleaned before taking a swim.
  • Don’t swim in a pool that shows signs of algae or green colored tinge.
  • Make sure all pool equipment is working properly.


We advise that you check up on regulations for your area on the best ways of securing your pool from injury.



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