Solar pool heating and the benefits of using it for your swimming pool

Solar pool heating and the benefits of using it for your swimming pool

During the winter season of June and August, swimming pools are mostly unused and algae, as well as some other amphibians, invade it. Not many people would like to take a dip in their swimming pool in the winter season unless you have heating as it can be hard to handle to cold.

Though the idea of pool heating is excellent to outlive the cold months, a lot of pool owners are experiencing problems with expensive heating solutions as the costs for running heated pools are high. This is where the application of solar pool heating will come in, to save lots of people from the problem of spending too much cash for warm and fresh water during the cold months.

So what occurs when you have solar pool heating? It will save you a lot of money, a significant amount!

The safest and most economical solution to warm up your pool


Solar pool heating systems with the use of energy from the sun have been around for many years. With the continuous study and progress of technology, the world has created a solar solution to efficiently warm up the pool only using the energy from the sun with no added electrical power fees. Solar heating over the years is known for its safe and inexpensive method of heating pool water. People have had the alternative of trying electric immersion elements or the electrical pumps that generate heat but what made them come back to solar? It is the cost.



Solar heating is inexpensive to set-up and is free to run bringing you no carbon footprints


The application of this technique gives you the following additional benefits:


Extended swimming season

Imagine yourself having a pool that’s warm and clean to dive in even throughout the months of June to August, isn’t that something to enjoy? The use of solar pool heating improves the water up to 40% under no maintenance. Not just that the entire method is light to the budget and you don’t need any additional pumps.

Environmental Challenge

The application of this technique doesn’t release any form of toxic carbon compound that may damage the environment or the atmosphere. It is secure with smooth operation. It does not make any unwanted sound and demands only one day set up.

Long lasting and good quality materials

Have you been continuously bothered by the faulty heating machines you have in your stockroom? Well, you are free of going through such trouble with solar pool heating since it assures the use of durable and premium quality materials.


How Solar Heating Functions


The machine operates by using the simple pool pump at your location to push the water around the solar panels. These panels will collect the solar energy and then move the heat to the water as it moves through. Installation would certainly take a single day with the help of expert contractors. For anyone who is thinking of how many solar panels needed for this pool heating procedure, you just need your panel to measure half of the whole surface area of your swimming pool for the water to get warmed up.





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