Keep your spa and pools running well with a pool specialist

Keep your spa and pools running well with a pool specialist

Taking care of your pool or spa can turn to be a difficult job to attend to as it requires extra time and a routine to follow to keep it running well, but keeping it sparkling clean is what everyone wants if they use it regularly. The secret to a clean pool is to follow a routine and make sure it is not missed as the pool can quickly turn into a mess. By just following the below-mentioned techniques, you can keep up the cleanliness and beauty of your pool or spa.


1. Skimming the pool or spa by hands every week and using a hand skimmer or leaf skimmer to remove unwanted leaves and bugs can help in improving the pool circulation, thereby reducing the amount of chlorine that will need to be added to the pool.

2. Vacuum & brushing the tiles: You need to vacuum the pool every week to keep the water clean. If the water is left in the pool for a long time, the dirt gets deposited on the pool tiles. So, along with the vacuum, you need to brush the pool tiles on a weekly basis to prevent algae buildup. This is very essential for pool care and maintenance. Also, keep in mind to use a soft brush to prevent scratching of tiles. You can also use a paste of baking soda and water with a sponge to clean up the tiles.

3. If you have not used your spa or pool for a while, you need to oxidise your water before switching on your air blowers. You can oxidise the water using Accepta Spa Granular or Non-Chlorine Shock.



4. Cleaning the filter is essential and depends on how often the pool or spa is used. Also, the filter should not be regularly cleaned, since a filter with a mild amount of dust in it turns out to be more efficient than a cleaned one. You should clean the filter when the difference between the pressure gauge and water filter reaches 10 to 15 pounds per square inch.

5. Super-chlorinate the water: Over time, organic contaminants like Nitrogen or ammonia build up in a pool giving a pungent smell to the water. You need to check depending upon the physical conditions to super-chlorinate or shock the water to bring back to normal chlorine levels.

6. Winterize pool & spa: If you stay in a place where the temperature drops below freezing point, you need to take some special care of your pool/spa. Using an air compressor to blow water out the plumbing system can prevent any damage. Also, disconnect the heater, pump and chemical feeders and store it during the colder winters.

7. Also, try to use two covers to protect your spa; A regular cover and a floating hot tub cover to protect your normal cover from moisture and chemicals.

8. Adding an algaecide to your pool can help to protect your pool from algae which can march into your pool by rain, wind or water. Some Algaecide kills algae and prevents them from returning while some just deal with removing the green algae.

9. Throwing tennis balls in the pool for a while, after a swimmer has taken a dip can help to suck all the Suntan or Sunblock lotions that the swimmer has applied.

10. Ensure to have an annual or semi-annual service appointment from an expert in the pool or spa care field to check if all the machines, pipes, filters are working well or need any attention.

Just follow these tips and enjoy a great time taking a dip in your pool.



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