The benefits of swimming pool maintenance

The benefits of swimming pool maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance is no walk in the park, and if you have ever tried doing it yourself you understand what I am talking about. Not only does one need to perform constant upkeep of the pool, but it is also wise to manage it day-by-day. The reason being that a pool can quickly turn bad if there is an environmental change or something enters the pool that effects the ph levels.


Below are a few helpful tips to allow you to perform such maintenance.


1. Run the pool filter as often as possible.


The truth is, if you can run it around the clock then you should do it, but it could be costly. It is wise to run the filter at least eight hours daily.



If you have got a timer, then place it to switch on the filter whenever needed. If the pool’s filter lacks a timer, then do whatever is required to keep you reminded on when to run the filter.

Set a reminder on your phone to keep you reminded. If you run your pool around the clock, then it is best for the filter to work during the daytime.

During that time your pool becomes more susceptible to collecting various bits of debris.


2. Keep the skimmer baskets clear.


Another suggestion is to keep these baskets clear of numerous kinds of materials. The skimmer basket should go inside the skimmer. It catches various kinds of debris, including collected particles, dirt and pool toys. As an important part of swimming pool maintenance, it helps to prevent damage to the pool pump or filter.


3. Use a chlorine floater with chlorine tabs inside it.


Chlorine floaters are undoubtedly one of the best means to add chlorine to your swimming pool on a daily basis because it ensures you will have enough chlorine in your pool.

Be sure to replace the chlorine pills occasionally or as needed. It is essential that you always remove it while people are using the pool, and after that return it after they have completed their swimming session.

We hope these small tips help towards maintaining your swimming pool and giving you a general idea on the involvement on keeping your pool running beautiful and clean.


If you are too busy and would like to hire a Melbourne pool maintenance specialist you can contact us here at Aquatech Pool & Spa Solutions.



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