Using a specialist for pool repairs

Using a specialist for pool repairs

Are you undergoing pool trouble or looking for routine pool maintenance? Then you are looking for a pool maintenance specialist, why? because a pool specialist can help assist where your problems are and what can be done to get them fixed. Generally a pool specialist will be able to help with repairing your pool, any equipment and getting the water quality sitting right.


What to look for in a pool maintenance specialist?


An online search will reveal a wide array of pool maintenance specialists some might be local one-man operations while others might be larger companies.

This might make your selection process quite confusing. Larger companies handle a wide range of customers so they can benefit by providing more services at a time as well as provide discounted services to their customers, but they work in volume and tend to miss the local friendly service factor.

The local smaller pool companies on the other hand, may not possess the extensive manpower or large resource range but will offer more friendly local based services and can be more assistive to your problems.

So the decision is up to you, from this information you can gauge whether they meet your level of expectation.



Other factors worth looking out for are?


If your technicians insist that replacement parts are required to service your pool, do not hesitate to find out what those specific parts are and where they will be purchased.

Do not accept any old spare parts to be installed in your pool.

Insist on checking out the new parts that are to be installed.

Your technician should be in a position to name the chemicals which will be required while cleaning your pool.

Always inquire about a detailed price list and compare this with their price tags online.

Anticipate a small markup which is deemed as standard practice. If you notice a substantial price variation you can question the level of honesty of your pool technician.

Check out the service plan provided by the pool repair company. Find out the services catered for under the standard maintenance package. You can compare the prices charged with others to ensure that it falls within the market rate and you are receiving value for money.

Ensure that the scheduled time of servicing is being followed accordingly. If the pool technician arrives while you are away from home, ask for a ticket which clearly indicates the time and date of their visit and services performed or chemicals used.


Right questions to ask your pool technician?


· Are they insured and licensed?

· Can they produce an itemized, written estimate which clearly indicates the costs of labor, materials and time of project completion?

· Do they offer any warranty or service guarantee?

· Do they offer any follow-up service?

· Are they capable of providing any additional accessories if the need arises?


Things to consider!


Owning a swimming pool is a big investment, so it’s imperative that you only select the right pool service technician to get the task done properly. You can do the little basic maintenance tasks yourself and also schedule him to regularly carry out a comprehensive maintenance from time to time.


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